These pages (and their files) here on remain online but does not include all the flashes I've made.
Go to the URL above to see all the newer ones.

In addition to the anon party hard flashes I've also done a couple of other flash files. Here follows some of them, I'm not listing all I have done because I simply don't want all to be affiliated with me. :P
I will seperate the flashes into categories, I won't bother to write out exact dates for all flashes but the further down in a category the flash is located, the newer it is (in that category). This obviously means that the oldest ones can be found at the top of each category. Exact dates can be found inside the flash in question most of the time.
More often than not I include song sources inside of a flash, outside of sight. Most times these sources can be seen by resizing the flash, just as with the anon party hard flashes (in the older flash files I could put the source on the side rather than below). However for some files you can't see the source unless you decompile and look at the meta data or ActionScript... Some flashes, god forbid, don't even have source noted in them! That's only true for old flash files though.
Should mention that in the earlier days I used to include my nick name inside of the flash files I created (thankfully out of sight). Nowadays I have grown up and never mark my work like a attention whore, I realized that nobody gives a flying fuck. Or well, I was surprised that someone, ONCE, said something like "good work" and then mentioned my nick. But that was once in a thousand posts so it doesn't really count (even if it felt good).
I intend to write a comment for all of these someday, right now I'll let a lot go unexplained.

Category: Random

All flash files that doesn't belong in a real category goes here.

orlys.swf (1.86 MiB)
Hey I remember this, it's the oldest flash by me (officially at least). Found a folder with "orly" images and felt like making a flash. Don't know what's up with the red thing. This is one of the oldest music loops I've done, if not the first one. Can't rememeber. Released the flash late October 2006.

adorable_kittens.swf (1.38 MiB)
This flash has become immensely popular on /f/ as a reverse-scare flash ("when does the dead kitty come?"). I'd love to say that was my original intent, but the truth must come out: This is from YTMND! Aye, it's true. Eons ago I followed a link someone had sent me. I was presented with kitties and Zelda music and thought, "wonder how long it takes to convert one of these to flash?". A millisecond later it was done and a second later it was on /f/. All this time you've had fun with something that came from YTMND (like many other things), sorry fellas.

Christie_Never_Changes_Her_Expression.swf (1.57 MiB)
Parody of some flashes that show how people always pose for cameras in a fixed way, this is very common in hentai. Primarily had this in mind when I made it. I liked how it turned out, but as I was fairly new to flash I didn't allow smoothing on the pictures which makes the flash look "blocky". Too bad. Most of the flashes in the "Just a Video" category was made between "adorable_kittens.swf" and this flash.

pineapple_dance_hood.swf (231 KiB)
Way back when hoods was a new concept (April 2007) I thought it was somewhat funny because there were so few of them. I never knew you could build a fla project from a swf before this and thought I would try it out. Picked ananas.swf (that's Swedish for "Pine Apple") because it was posted pretty often. I didn't mean to annoy people too much so the hood appears after a short while, I like how the zooming at the end turned out. The drool and eye-twitching made it better. Made a few other hoods, some pretty half-arsed. This meme is dead now (dying?), there are a lot of hoods floating around still though. History lesson: The first hood was DOOMSCLOSED.swf as far as I know.

foxhood.swf (725 KiB)
Since my last hood was recieved well I decided to make another one just a day after. This time I wanted to scare people so I had the hood come unexpectedly a while in a relaxing flash. I left the play button in there along with the damn tank so that nobody would suspect anything (some people cut away these things when they made a hood). Was some fun threads from this flash. (I cut away the "hood" part of the file name when I posted my hood flashes.)

loitumahood.swf (302 KiB)
Another day passed and I made two new hoods (this and "beautyandthe.swf"). Not very good, I know. Skipped the drool and eye-twitch also. And I later found out that someone had already hooded this before.

beautyandthe.swf (5 MiB)
Second hood that day, 18 hours later. Tested extracting a frame from a Disney movie and painted the hood in MS-Paint. It's turned out horrible, even for hoods it's horrible. Made the drool and eye-twiching in flash. The file name was meant to have people fill in "beast" in their head but later they would realize that it should be "beautyandthehood" or "beautyandthenigger". After this failure flash I thought I had tapped this meme and was ready to move on.

freefalling_save.swf (735 KiB)
Once upon a time freefalling.swf was posted by someone. It showed a jumper from the World Trade Center in USA with ironic music playing in the background. Certainly it was a troll flash, so I edited it a little. This was what became my last hood flash ever, I combined it with the "imma chargin mah lazer" meme and so managed to save the freefaller's life. Of course in reality I'm sure he died shortly after the footage was taken, and that's sad. It sure is easy to make joke when you know none of the ones involved, when they are just actors coming on and off stage. I was a bit unsure to put this up here, but there it is.

freefalling_save2.swf (621 KiB)
Since the last one was recieved so fondly I made another version six hours later featuring Longcat, got the idea from the first guy to comment "freefalling_save.swf". Don't know why exactly the sound got a bit bad at the beginning, I made this from the same project as the first one and there the sound was fine.

lolicatgirls_high.swf (2.53 MiB)
Most posted flash on /f/? Or well, that might be trip.swf. But still. Although I didn't make the original this version is posted more than the old one today. This classic /f/ meme is great, that's why I thought it deserved better quality. I put the source below the flash as usual ("GI Joe S1E20 - Cobra's Candidate") however I didn't put the song source in there. I believe it was because I wanted to make sure people keep requesting song source as always (or I just plain forgot to put it in there but that feels unlikely). Trivia: When the camera is panning from right to left I actually have ActionScript making the flash going in reverse playback, I don't simply repeat the frames in reversed order as one could think. At the end of the scene (farthest to the right) there is a small "jump" in animation (the frame goes down slightly), it is there in the original footage. I was thinking about skipping the frame or shopping it so that it wouldn't jump, but I left it in there to be as true to the original as possible.

Laugh_under_electric.swf (1.31 MiB)
Was playing with randomizing blur with ActionScript, I should have skipped the red stuff in the background since it doesn't look that good. I heard this song first in a 89 min long live recordning, that's why the song source inside the flash is a bit weird. A more correct source would be "SebastiAn - Killing In The Name Of".

Something_I_Said.swf (2.75 MiB)
There are nine music loops in this flash, three from "Silent Hill" and six from "Silent Hill 2". Good music in those games. When the flash starts it's random which one is played, you may press space to change song. There are sources in the flash, but there isn't any indicator to which one is playing so it's tricky to know exactly which one is the correct sauce to what you are hearing. Also I'm not 100% sure of the names in the flash, made the loops from old mp3s I had and took the names of them without verifying that they were named correctly first. Speaking of names, I mispelled Silent_Hill.swf in the source text (the flash I got the graphics from). I thought that maybe I would make loops from many flashes by others now, but this is still the only one where I copied a whole scene from another flash. I didn't have the font for the "was it something i said...?"-text, so I just took a screenshot and used a rasterisation (this was before I knew about "Trace Bitmap" in Flash).

One Piece Manga 001.swf (6.38 MiB)
I found "Trace Bitmap" in Flash and wanted to try it out. I enjoy the anime/manga "One Piece", so I made a vectorization of the first chapter. Turned out it requires much more space than the original images to have even half the quality, so it wasn't such a good idea. But it scales well at least. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate the manga.

Its_a_party.swf (3.46 MiB)
Another One Piece flash, made this while I still watched the anime version of the series. It's the party they had after they finished the Enies Lobby arc. It has HD resolution, but I made the flash dimensions smaller for some reason so it doesn't show unless you watch it in fullscreen. Also I forgot to enable smoothing... Didn't mention sources in this flash, the song Usopp sings is the "Sogeking Theme" and the anime episode is #315. (At writing time the anime has 413 episodes and the manga 554 chapters.)

jc_hero.swf (641 KiB)
Features everybody's favorite hero from the game Jungle Cock. Has all of your most beloved tunes from the game, reopen the flash to randomize a new one.

Western_Rape.swf (7.94 MiB)
This flash is from when rolling people was still half-popular on /f/, and since this scene ends rather surprising I thought it would be perfect for a roll.

Inspector_Gadget.swf (1.16 MiB)
Had nothing to do so I threw this together. The audio is a event type so it won't sync with the animation that good but it started to sync better when Flash 10 was released.

ello_puppet.swf (7.87 MiB)
This one has a intro (both audio and visuals) and then enters into a loop. The visuals contains of a bunch of small clips that have randomized order, like in the famous Splash Attack flash. I've tried to script it so that you shouldn't notice too quickly that it loops, however I was a bit careless and didn't test it thoroughly, I have noticed that sometimes the same clip comes after each other. Haven't bothered to fix it, as with all flashes I figure it's not worth going back wasting time on fixing something after it has been released. Notice that the file name says "puppet" and not "poppet", that was another little mistake from my side, but it doesn't really matter. Personal trivia: I like Western movies, ask me about a title and chances are I've seen it (even watched a lot of old black and white westerns).

alley_munch.swf (2.77 MiB)
Small scene from a not-so-old black and white Western with the Depp.

WolfQuest.swf (7.64 MiB)
When I saw this I thought that it was something that was bound to spawn discussion on /f/, and I was right. A furry game for kids, and that face the kid makes at the end? Priceless. Although the game has been released since long now this flash still gets posted every now and then, though certainly not as often now. Don't know why the sound became loud when I imported it to Flash. Made a loop in the end from a great tune I extracted from a keygen to some game. Here's something that most people probably have missed: If you right-click and select "Rewind" at the end you will just get the word "NO" instead of being taken to the start of the flash.

eastwood_in_the_woods.swf (6.95 MiB)
Clint's the man, and here we see him late at night in the woods in the movie "Pale Rider" from 1985 where he plays a "priest". I remember I had to make the footage a lot brighter so that you could see what was going on. There's a loop at the end that kinda syncs with the music (a while at least). I got the "hell yeah" shout from a random search on the net, don't know where it's from.

spengebab_popsicle.swf (585 KiB)
Wanted to make something with a creepy tune and the harvesting animation from the Bioshock game that came in August 2007. The popsicle picture was close at hand. Once more I forgot to put smoothing on so the zooming doesn't look too good.

healing_wounds.swf (5.27 MiB)
Saw the first season of the TV-series "Heroes" and when this scene came up I thought it was like the ultimate ability (or curse?) for a emo kid. Made a loop of the crawling-song and removed the word "not", a little later the flash was done. The visuals are in HD, in order to keep the file size down I just don't stick a flv in there; I extract images from the clip I want to use and then convert these to jpgs with different quality. This way I get the best control of the quality, frame rate and I know exactly what frames will be seen. I use this trick a lot, it's especially useful in cartoons since often many frames are the same as the previous ones, then I can just skip these images and use the previous ones twice. I'm not sure why, but Flash can't seem to handle a lot of images in HD very well. If you play this and look at the process in a task manager you may notice that it takes several hundreds of MB in RAM. Either Flash has a memory leak or it need to store away each frame in a raw format or something in order to be able to display it with the correct frame rate. This means that people with older computers has complained over that some of my flashes have crashed their browsers... Whoops. It'll go away eventually when people get better rigs, memory is so cheap nowadays anyway. Kinda funny though.

nazi_power.swf (4.51 MiB)
< no comment yet >

what_we_see.swf (579 KiB)
< no comment yet >

Right_Brain_vs_Left_Brain.swf (1.02 MiB)
Got pretty much everything in this flash from a article I read online (I think it was this one). Thought it would go nice with this music so I put them together. A lot of people have said this is fake... but it's really just a gif image. Can you make her turn to your will? It's neat the first time you do it. Notice that scaling is off in this flash so it won't stretch to the size of the flash dimensions.

the_cake_is_a_lie.swf (7.79 MiB)
I made this as a tribute to the game Portal. I spent way too much time on this flash... Since there are a lot of images in this (the text at the end is not in text format, it is frames from a video taken of the end of the game) the flash will take a lot of space in RAM due to the nature of Flash. It's funny that a 8 MiB file can grow to be several hundred MiB in RAM without the use of scripts. When writing this flash took 1163 MiB of RAM at the end of the song (using Flash Player 9, Flash version 10 installed). Over one thousand! That's around 145 times larger than the file size. Flash really need to fix something.

subliminal_disney.swf (243 KiB)
I love how this loop turned out. The image was picked because I was going through a old site of mine and had forgotten about it. Trivia: PONCHO once said "DELCIOUSLY WELL CUT LOOP IS DELICIOUS" about this. At least I thought it was him, he wasn't a tripfag. (He used to make loops that was posted a lot on /f/, if people still remember.)

caturday_nap.swf (1.19 MiB)
Made this after 4chan went down for a while. The site was DDoSed and when moot was contacted about it by the attackers he didn't care too much and said he was going to get some soup. The soup thing became a little meme for a while. (The soup can in the flash is just a random soup can.)

ninjaflood.swf (911 KiB)
< no comment yet >

more_adorable_kittens.swf (6.91 MiB)
< no comment yet >

happy_new_year.swf (1.87 MiB)
< no comment yet >

touch_you.swf (1.33 MiB)
< no comment yet >

cat_jump.swf (1.41 MiB)
< no comment yet >

kick_it.swf (1.18 MiB)
< no comment yet >

old_enough.swf (7.84 MiB)
< no comment yet >

one_piece_over.swf (2.25 MiB)
Thought I would make this and see if anyone would think this is actually how it ended, but I should have shopped the last page to remove "crew scattered"... Meh, whatever.

blinkie.swf (1.92 MiB)
< no comment yet >

proper_ending.swf (4.79 MiB)
When the old version of Swfloops stopped updating it stopped on a random flash. So I made this to have a "proper ending". You can click the text to make it fade away. The song builds up until it enters a loop. The number of "swf" in the background keep growing until the audio starts to loop. You can keep pushing a lot more "swf" in there by holding space bar. If you right-click and "rewind" the flash the "swf" will freeze until it is their turn to start moving again.

neigh.swf (1.06 MiB)
< no comment yet >

finally_peace.swf (5.83 MiB)
Another HD loop that grows in RAM. Cut together scenes from the movie to make it fit with the song better, I just wish I had timed the helicopter going down with the music a little better.

trinity.swf (6.72 MiB)
Spaghetti-Westerns are fun, I like the two original Trinity ones. This is from the first.

insnae.swf (831 KiB)
When there was hardware trouble during July 2009 this was up on swfchan. Because I was really becoming insnae for a while there. When I first wrote the file name for the flash project I misspelled "insane" in my haste, I kept it that way because it was a original file name.

snap.swf (1.62 MiB)
Made this while waiting for new hardware parts to arrive (end of July 2009), it was up during the last days of the downtime.

trolls.swf (5.44 MiB)
Been meaning to make this loop for a long time, was ages ago I made the audio. Eventually I took my thumb out of my ass and extracted the needed frames from the movie.

friday_at_last.swf (1.01 MiB)
Made this once when I had nothing to do during a friday night. Funny enough it has been posted pretty much every friday ever since on /f/ (not by me I shall add).

i_can_recursive_forever.swf (7.36 MiB)
Up and down arrows to change speed and music. Space also has a function. Picked the file name because the thing reminded me of this and this.

lifestream.swf (4.71 MiB)
< no comment yet >

kaboom.swf (6.55 MiB)
< no comment yet >

alucard.swf (2.25 MiB)
The lyrics fits.

gnomeparty.swf (2.06 MiB)
This music loop has become popular. Can't remember where I heard it the first time myself though before making it loop.

yonder.swf (7.59 MiB)
I like how this turned out. One of the best musical tracks from Age of Empires 2 and visuals from ANNO 1404.

face_duel.swf (629 KiB)
That silly Yotsuba.

onwards.swf (6.83 MiB)
Hunter x Hunter is one of my favorite animes since it all has the feeling of a classic RPG video game.

watchout.swf (7.83 MiB)
Dr Manhattan killing some people in Vietnam with some Swedish people music in the background about the war in question.

divinity.swf (5.48 MiB)
Jon the God.

getDownEd.swf (1.72 MiB)
Parody of the get-down meme (example). She gets an electrical shock in the anime.

go_far.swf (3.65 MiB)
Great anime (Gungrave) about rising from a poor neighbourhood and becoming a huge mafia boss. This song really fits.

relaxing_storm.swf (7.99 MiB)
Relaxing audio with some unrelaxing footage. Wanted to create something that "disagrees with itself".

ruby.swf (1.20 MiB)
Just wanted to make some loops so I grabbed three gifs and made these three flashes. I had no idea at the time what show they were from.

misery.swf (1.72 MiB)
(see above comment)

iris.swf (1.09 MiB)
(see comment above the comment above)

anticipation.swf (7.53 MiB)
Another awesome anime (Shura no Toki) about three generations of those belonging to the unarmed fighting Mutsu style. The visuals in this loop is unedited, very long standoff.

spotted_sea_cucumber.swf (2.09 MiB)
< no comment yet >

meanwhile_in_a_distant_land.swf (7.31 MiB)
When I stumbled upon this clip I smiled and thought "typical Japan and their waifus". The Swedish song goes something like "if you want to be my wife I shall take you here and now, if you can't you're going to have to find yourself another man".

Category: Just a Video

I typically shun flashes that are nothing more than a video. To take a flv, put it in swf and nothing more is just boring, /f/ isn't YouTube. Admittedly I have made a couple of these boring flashes myself, as you see. If the comment starts with "Player." it means that I used a flv player that I built myself to present the video.

Rock_Hard_Roar.swf (1.32 MiB)
I thought her "grr" was pathetic so I made a flash of it. That's about it. Very early flash.

Demise_of_another_man.swf (1.42 MiB)
This flash is special because it was the only thing that existed on for a long while during the time the site was built. Trivia: It says inside the flash that it was created January 9:th 2006, in reality it was created January 9:th 2007 but since it just recently became 2007 I typed 2006 out of old habit.

Time_for_some_pain.swf (4.27 MiB)
It's a commercial. The voice acting of that basket player is just terrible.

Rome_Rape.swf (7.40 MiB)
I'm a fan of BBC's "Rome" series and when I first saw this scene I knew it was relative to /f/'s interests. I know the word "rape" doesn't really fit in the context but meh.

Jetsons_Future_Music.swf (3.37 MiB)
The volume levels are very bad and it's hard to make out the dialogue at the end.

Jetsons_Girltalk.swf (2.02 MiB)
Can't explain why I made this better than because it was weird and contained a pun joke?

Quark_is_Sorry.swf (4.80 MiB)
Strictly not just a video, but two! Goes in this category anyway. I saw this Danish movie and thought it was charming. I can explain what the hell Quark is doing, he saw some cloth being put into a babys mouth earlier in the movie in order to shut it up.

The_Nigger_Sheriff.swf (6.86 MiB)
Niggers are always a hot topic and this scene from the movie "Blazing Saddles" (1974) is pretty funny.

lolicatgirls_origin.swf (4.55 MiB)
This flash shows where the infamous street party scene is from.

squirrel_melts.swf (4.49 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

mean_kitty_song.swf (6.54 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

muslims_christians_jews.swf (2.99 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

gold_fever.swf (6.92 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

candlejack_full.swf (7.79 MiB)
Player. Has shown a lot of people where the meme came from over the years.

welcome_to_the_board.swf (7.27 MiB)
"NileCity 105.6" is a Swedish comedy series from 1994 and I thought this scene from it would be fun to share with /f/. To be posted to introduce newfags with the weirdness of the chan sites?

girl_drink.swf (7.82 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

a_joke.swf (5.70 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

would_you_like_this.swf (5.19 MiB)
Made this because Al's the man and she is incredibly hot.

healthy_shave.swf (986 KiB)
Ok, I don't know exactly what went through my mind at the time I made this but I remember I thought it was funny for some reason. Maybe you can make it funny in your head too?

8-in-1_Super_Pan.swf (7.08 MiB)
Player. < no comment yet >

FYI I am a SPY.swf (223 KiB)
Just a silly clip from a popular game. The audio didn't fill all frames for some reason upon import.

george_lucas.swf (7.23 MiB)
The joke is delivered at the very end.

twelve_beast_gods.swf (3.50 MiB)
< no comment yet >

Category: The Simpsons/Futurama

I, like many, have watched quite a few Simpsons episodes in my days. I'm not a super fan or anything, I just realized there was a lot of potential for loops in the show. Some months after the final APH flash was made I had a lot of unused music loops, I needed some way to get these out in flashes. Simpsons provided a lot of simple ways to make a visual loop, and unlike the APH flashes I have tried to make each one unique in some way. Granted there are a whole lot of audio loops that still aren't in any flash, but thanks to these a few more got out on the net. I did four Futurama loops also after I had seen the movie that came in 2009, only reason I didn't do more loops from that show is probably because I haven't watched it in years.

Marge_has_Wisdom.swf (2.35 MiB)
The Simpsons. This could be in the "Just a Video" category but I put it here instead. Not a flash loop like the other flashes here, just a clip of Marge encouraging Bart to pay for sex later in life. First of all I thought it took her character in a new direction, classic Marge (13 years ago or so) wouldn't have said that. But most important it made me reflect a lot on the society I and most of the world live in today (its changes thru time and its double morale) and I hoped (hope) that maybe the clip will make someone else reflect on life and the world also. This flash was made about 1.5 years before "gochair.swf".

gochair.swf (1.86 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

good_squishy.swf (1.45 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

backseat.swf (1.25 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

nod.swf (891 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

spiked_liquid.swf (3 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

lightness.swf (1.85 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

shocking.swf (840 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

headspace.swf (1.24 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

antsandchips.swf (3.43 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

deepslide.swf (793 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

morphbelly.swf (473 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

badslaves.swf (1.05 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

dressup.swf (2.83 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

dressupdown.swf (2.38 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

springpain.swf (2.21 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

burrn.swf (1.61 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

circleoflife.swf (1.26 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

nothingatall.swf (704 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

pogohoop.swf (2 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

closetothesun.swf (1.55 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

footwork.swf (1.47 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

inthesnow.swf (1.21 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

spazstics.swf (1.91 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

oohyeeah.swf (503 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

titsandbeer.swf (1.15 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

knowgirl.swf (2.73 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

theverysoul.swf (3.03 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

truthtold.swf (821 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

springbreak.swf (2.72 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

streetparty.swf (2.12 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

growlforus.swf (375 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

peasons.swf (1.73 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

becauseyouareyou.swf (735 KiB)
Futurama. < no comment yet >

chestbeat.swf (1.54 MiB)
Futurama. < no comment yet >

prisonjig.swf (2.38 MiB)
Futurama. < no comment yet >

gogocage.swf (646 KiB)
Futurama. < no comment yet >

expressed_urges.swf (1.98 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

success.swf (245 KiB)
The Simpsons. I can't believe I forgot to cover up that logo.

concentration.swf (464 KiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

showoff.swf (4.43 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

strut.swf (3.96 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

specialbus.swf (1.62 MiB)
The Simpsons. < no comment yet >

Category: Oldstyled

Really old cartoons are a gold mine for making cool loops. If you have ever watched at least one black and white drawn show from the 1930's you will know what I mean. I intended to make a lot of these loops but strangely only got around to making three. I hope to be able to put more here in the future if I keep up making loops.

platecatch.swf (360 KiB)
< no comment yet >

the_preparation_of_liquid_delight.swf (2.19 MiB)
< no comment yet >

and_how.swf (2.89 MiB)
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Category: Special?

These were in a different folder than those I put in the "Random" category so I guess they might as well go into a different category on this site.

Q-Gif_Montage.swf (25.8 MiB)
Huge flash because there are lots and lots of jpg files in this thing. This is the first of four gif montages I ended up making, they turned out to be a success. Made this because I had a lot of gif images saved that was just collecting dust. No story behind the name, just wanted something before "gif montage" to separate the name from other montages. I first heard the song I used in this. In order to be able to post these on /f/ that only allows files up to 8 MiB in size, I made low quality versions. Low quality version here.

Q-Gif_Montage_2.swf (24.9 MiB)
I remember staying up all night when I made this one. Think I worked seven hours straight on it before it was done. Of course I had long breaks before making the next one. The source I noted in this flash is wrong, it should be "Quad City DJs - Space Jam Super Slam Mix". I'm a bit ashamed that I didn't research the source better, some guy used this in a game and had given wrong source of it and it was there I first got this from. Low quality version here.

RIP_zone_thread.swf (3.32 MiB)
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Q-Gif_Montage_3.swf (10.8 MiB)
The shortest montage in this series, yet my favorite. Fast paced, a lot of clips and a good song. Like how the beginning turned out with the stairs. Been trying to avoid duplicate images in the series btw, but some appear twice across montages 1-4. Notice that I have tried to cover up as many damn watermarks as I can, however some slipped by me sadly. Will also take this space to mention that you can browse all gif-images I used on montages 1-4 here. Every single one should be there, 537 images in total. Low quality version here.

Zone_Ballgag.swf (1.45 MiB)
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CnC_sex_life_quote_thread.swf (1.98 MiB)
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Q-Gif_Montage_4.swf (26.2 MiB)
Took a while to get this done, had breaks of several days before I finished it. I was getting tired of the buggy syncing in Flash and the loading times (the audio was different in the preview in Flash compared to after the export and Flash gets really laggy in general when working with this many images). Eventually it was done though. Almost forgot to put in the Azumanga Daioh shoe thingy which has been in the previous montages, that's why it's a bit stressed in the end. I realized I used a couple too many "300" images after I had finished it, I was running out of good gifs to use. Low quality version here.

BALLGAG.swf (2.45 MiB)
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swfchan.swf (4.68 MiB)
Created 20 minutes past midnight the day swfchan came online. The very first flash on swfchan. Contains 1000 thumbnails from different flashes that was generated while I was making the site.

404.swf (368 KiB)
The third 404 flash used on swfchan when a expired link is accessed (the first and second one is not much to talk about). This flash went beyond my expectations in popularity so I probably won't make a new one.

Choose_to_give_it.swf (4.63 MiB)
This is the only flash project that was moved to the "never finished" folder (I have a few things that I never bothered to finish) but which I actually came back to finish a year later. I was going to script it to sync with the music and add shake effects on the bass etc but I skipped all that. The falling boxes in the background was added just to have something in the background.