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-- MIRROR --

DJ Sharpnel - 20031023
30 FPS
208,6 KiB
There's no special reson why I started with precicely this song, just wanted a little faster anon and this song requires pretty fast movement to keep up with.

Shitmat - Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic
25 FPS
274,8 KiB
This is the best part of that song: a special version of "Informer" by Snow that I thought was pretty okay.

Antti Tuisku - Sekaisin
20 FPS
354,5 KiB
Heard this track in sekaisin-loop.swf (I think?) for the first time and thought I'd make a loop of my own. It's Finnish.

Perrra - The Sun (Original Mix)
18 FPS
339,8 KiB
Perrra is a Swedish artist that has made a couple of okay songs (many are not that good though). You can (or at least you could, haven't checked) find his songs online for free download somewhere.

Rodger Sanchez - Another Chance
15 FPS
582,5 KiB
Classic song from 2001, most people should remember it.

Gigi Dágostino - The Riddle
18 FPS
242,7 KiB
Loop is out of a good cover of Nik Kershaw's "The Riddle" from 1984.

System Of A Down - Vicinity of Obscenity
30 FPS
193 KiB
Remember cutting this loop with a smile. The flash was reposted fairly often, at least in the beginning long ago. (Penis goes where?) Had prepared another SOAD song: "B.Y.O.B." (the one where they sing "everybody's going to the party" etc), but it never made it to the series.

DMX - Where the hood at
15 FPS
517,7 KiB
(Special: A black anon.) YOU FUCKING RELAXED, DIDN'T YOU?

Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Remix)
18 FPS
206,6 KiB
no comment

Hinoi Team - Ike Ike
28 FPS
220,2 KiB
This song was made famous from being in the ending of Ichigo 100% (an anime about a boy seeking a girl wearing strawberry panties).

Ewigheim - Dein Zweck
10 FPS
337,7 KiB
First slow anon party hard!

Deathstars - The Rape
20 FPS
594,9 KiB
First anon party hard featuring first some instruments then coming into a section with lyrics.

Wumpscut - Totmacher
30 FPS
172,9 KiB
no comment

Combichrist - This shit will fcuk you up
25 FPS
373,5 KiB
Like this loop on high volume.

Amon Tobin - At The End Of The Day
488 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) The slowest anon party hard and the only one below 10 FPS!

Rammstein - Das Modell
28 FPS
183,9 KiB
no comment

Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
14 FPS
477,7 KiB
no comment

Spongebob Squarepants - The Best Day Ever
12 FPS
472,6 KiB
(Special: A yellow anon.) If I would ever release a second version of this I would increase the frame rate to 15 or. But I'll never do that.

Byz - Karatefylla
60 FPS
825 KiB
(Special: Anon dancing in a spotlight.) (This group: 1st time.) Used very high frame rate on this one since I thought I wouldn't make any more flashes like this. It fits with the Swedish lyrics also (they sing about "karatefylla" - a state of mind when you are so drunk you could "flip out" and think you're skilled in martial arts but in reality just are making an ass out of yourself). Comes tied with APH #220 as having the second fastest frame rate.

Dr Reanimator - Move Your Dead Bones
18 FPS
354,8 KiB
(Special: Anon in "zombie" suit (meaning a green suit).) Wow, new rags. Anyway, after seeing yet another repost of the furry MoveYourDeadBones.swf I felt that I just had to make a loop out of it. It's a catchy song! Anon is the reanimator. So the APH series didn't end on #20 after all, and you can't really end with #21, can you? No you can't.

Amon Tobin - Verbal (feat. MC Decimal R)
12 FPS
399,2 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.)

MarlboroMan - Analyzer (Renewal)
18 FPS
846,5 KiB
Needs faster frame rate.

David Hasselhof - Looking For Freedom
13 FPS
598,1 KiB
All I see is Hasselhof in that damn music video with the retarded cube on his finger. :/

Initial D - Number One
35 FPS
218,7 KiB
Initial D is not really an artist, it's a anime series. The artist name is "Fastway" (I didn't make any research for this song and just put it in the flash, dumb me). But having "Initial D" as artist name isn't extremely wrong since the song can be found under nothing but that name in many places, so I won't lay awake by this misstake. :P This APH has the fifth fastest frame rate.

TISM - Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me
17 FPS
224,1 KiB
This is so true (which is suspicious since anon is everybody). I'm sure most of you have seen the song's official music video (in flash omg), but have you heard the (worse imo) radio edit?

The Toxic Avenger - Superheroes
15 FPS
243,5 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Good song.

Reanimator - Everything You Know is Wrong
10 FPS
213,1 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) No link to "Dr. Reanimator".

ACDC - Big Balls
15 FPS
421,5 KiB
(Special: Anon's got big balls.) A well known fact. Would have spent more time drawing them but didn't feel comfortable touching them for too long.

Andrew W.K. - Party Hard
23 FPS
722,2 KiB
(Special: SELLOUT.) (This group: 1st time.) People were whining about me not throwing in the cliché party hard song --even though ZONE had already done it in his updated version-- and since I'm aiming to please I eventually did it in this flash (or maybe I wanted to voice my opinion about caving into people's ideas even though they are over used).

JS16 - Stomp to my Beat
16 FPS
235,8 KiB
no comment

Louis Jordan - Beans And Corn Bread
14 FPS
345,1 KiB
(Special: Beans And Corn Bread.) If played with correct frame rate (offline, ghnnnnn), you'll notice that on every third loop of the song pictures of beans and corn bread will appear (six pics in total, three of beans and three of corn bread - it's random which one will show). The pics will go out of sync pretty quickly though. Don't think most people ever noticed this easter egg since 99% of you probably closed it after four seconds. :P Only reason I can think of why I made this is because the song is funny, reminds me of a negro in 1930's america sitting on a raft somewhere and eating beans and corn bread. Lawl.

M & H Band - Popcorn
24 FPS
242,3 KiB
Awesome take on Gershon Kingsley's classic "Popcorn" from 1969 (that's right - "Hot Butter" weren't the first). Some samples of different versions of Popcorn can be found at this site (if you have disabled JavaScript you can use the real url).

Cool&create - Help me, ERINNNNNN!!
15 FPS
336,3 KiB
(Special: Puppy Whirl!!!) Small tribute to The Friend Society, the thing puppy is from puppywhirl.swf (isn't life just totally awesome and cool?) and the music from superhappy_puppywhirl.swf (also featuring the puppy but as a gif image). This and #100 + #150 are the only anon party hards that doesn't have anon in it.

Billy Idol - You Spin Me Right Round
14 FPS
357,1 KiB
Short version of an awesome classic. No spinning dicks in the flash, promise!

Schnappi - Schnappi das kleine Krokodil
14 FPS
696,3 KiB
This song actually played on the radio for a while.

Basshunter - Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DOTA
22 FPS
337,8 KiB
Swedish super hit from Basshunter, the song is about playing the WarCraft 3: The Frosen Throne custom map Dota-Allstars while sitting in the vent (talking through Ventrilo, it's basically what people used before Skype - you might have heard of it ;P).

Dschinghis Khan - Moskau
14 FPS
350,1 KiB
no comment

Rallypack - Luke Skywalker
23 FPS
946,5 KiB
Swedish band that didn't use electric guitars but electric cellos instead. Since 2006 they started making songs in Swedish and thus changed name to "Lillasyster" (Swedish for "little sister").

Tampong Tomtarna - CP Barn
12 FPS
950,3 KiB
(Special: Twitching anon.) Swedish song. "Barn" means child and "CP" means child porn... Nah not really, CP means "cerebral pares" when representing in Swedish (english: Cerebral palsy), it's a word for illness that affects your control of muscles. Calling someone CP in Sweden is a common insult (at least it used to be), sort of like calling someone retard. What they are repeating in the song is "hello every CP child today", and they are also mentioning the use of wheelchairs and bicycle helmets (all day long).

DJ Assault - Ass N' Tities
15 FPS
320,5 KiB
no comment

Caesars - Jerk It Out
18 FPS
180 KiB
I like this song, when I hear it I always think of this great Half-Life 2 music video.

Combichrist - Enjoy the Abuse
16 FPS
698,9 KiB
no comment

Marko Polo - Speedy Speed Boy
28 FPS
521,5 KiB
Don't know why I didn't use higher frame rate here.

Akitaka Tohyama, Kenji Ninuma - The Moon And The Prince
17 FPS
262,5 KiB
no comment

Dragonette - Take It Like A Man (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
23 FPS
233,5 KiB
(This group (Toxic Avenger): 2nd time.) Improved song!

Jocke Boberg - Morsecode Cha
14 FPS
182,2 KiB
Swedish guy, I think he used to (or still does) work for SR (Swedish Radio).

T-Roc - It's Da Roc
15 FPS
983,8 KiB
Always a pleasure hearing music from Monkey Island being put to good use. Wasn't LucasArts just great before they locked down on Star Wars?

Bis - Sale Or Return
20 FPS
373,6 KiB
Discovered this group through this flash, good lord.

Hard 'n Phirm - Pi
14 FPS
538,7 KiB
Looping this audio wasn't all that easy, and where I made the cut isn't where you think it is (it's not at the start of the loop, it rarely is in my loops).

Darude - Sandstorm
30 FPS
234,2 KiB
no comment

Cotton Panties - My Sweet Honey Biscuit!
17 FPS
302,8 KiB

Basement Jaxx - Hot 'n Cold
14 FPS
470,8 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Nipples don't work that way!

Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat
16 FPS
353,8 KiB
Remember this one from an advertisement of Levi's jeans that aired in Europe 1999, featuring that damn yellow puppy/doll thing?

Pandora - Don't You Know
24 FPS
338,4 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Old classic for me, turned out some people hadn't heard it before when I posted this.

Gangpol und Mit - Notre vie n'est pas simple.Vous ne devenez pas jeune
24 FPS
438,3 KiB
Nice one. And I checked, there shouldn't be a space between the period and the word "vous". 'Course I could be wrong, but after the searching I did at the time I came to this conclusion (Uh-oh, I get the feeling there should be a space there...). The translation of the French title is "Our life is not simple. You do not become young".

Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (Album Version)
20 FPS
591,2 KiB
Good one.

Buckethead - Jordan
26 FPS
883,3 KiB
Couldn't have the whole guitar solo in there without raping the quality too much or making the file over 1000 KiB.

R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
19 FPS
414,7 KiB
Hey I remember this band. :)

Rally - Smurfarna - Mera Knark
20 FPS
189,9 KiB
(Special: Anon smurf.) Rally is a Swedish radio humour group, "Smurfarna" means "The Smurfs" and "Mera Knark" means "MOAR DRUGS". They are singing "drugs, drugs, more drugs, take more drugs and you will become strong".

anon_partyhard61.swf - PETIT LOVE
20 FPS
226 KiB
(Special: Cat-eared anon.) Here's the reason why I associate this song with furry dancing.

(C&C1) Frank Klepacki - Just Do It
25 FPS
898,1 KiB
Music from Tiberian Dawn (Westwood (RIP), 1995) always brings back great memories from my childhood. This one, "Mechanical Man", "C&C Thang" and of course "Act on Instinct" are so perfect (of course my brain is aiding their greatness as I have so many good memories associated with them (not only gaming ones mind you)). Heard Klepacki will do the music to Red Alert 3 (in production since not even half a year at writing moment). Looks like EA finally realized that the fans like him and are pushing hard on showing that he will be involved. I just hope he makes some new good tracks and doesn't just mix up the old ones (other than Hell March).

Wes - Alane
15 FPS
368,9 KiB
Classic. I'm still not sure what they are singing about in this song (women?), the artist is from Cameroon where the official languages are French and English. I'm pretty sure he's not singing in English and if that's French it's an accent I've never heard before (nor any translate services).

The Crystal Method - Name Of The Game
18 FPS
289 KiB
Picked this gooedie up from a World of Warcraft video I saw a long time ago where a kid showed how much he owned everybody else (or rather how much more time he spent on the game instead of learning a new skill or improving his (real) social life).

Random - Micawber's Moan
14 FPS
884,1 KiB
Now this is an artist that can make good 8-bit music. Awesome!

Shiny Robot - She Says
12 FPS
431,6 KiB
Resistance only makes... no no no.

Infected Mushroom - Drop Out
12 FPS
953,1 KiB
(This group: 1st time.)

DVDA - Now You're A Man
13 FPS
889,1 KiB
Double Vaginal Double Anal - a band featuring the South Park dudes Trey Parker and Matt Stone (if DV is impressive, and DA is impressive, then DVDA is fucking amazing). Asspen (where I first heard this) was a great episode guys.

Kpist - C64
20 FPS
345,7 KiB
Sweet tune, Swedish band. Go find this song now!

Anita Hegerland - Trolkareln Lurifix
30 FPS
178,1 KiB
Doh, I see now that I have misspelled "trollkarlen" in the song title. :/ (The title means "Lurifix the Wizard".) Anyway, this is a short loop of the beginning of a song a Swedish singer made in her youth in the 70's. She also sang the hit "Mitt Sommarlov" ("My Spring Break") but made the biggest hit on Germany with "Schön ist es auf der Welt zu sein" ("It's beautiful to be in the world"). I made this loop as #70 because I noticed I never had any short "overseeing" loops in the X0's of the series and didn't want it to become a trend.

Daft Punk - Around the World (Killdahype Remix)
18 FPS
247,6 KiB
(This group: 1st time.)

E-Rotic - Help me Dr. Dick
24 FPS
702,8 KiB
Made this one before the music video started appearing on the chans (at least to my knowledge).

Cam Fox - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy
16 FPS
359,8 KiB
no comment

Stray Cats - Rock This Town
22 FPS
970,5 KiB
I like this. :D

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Ohohoh Remix)
18 FPS
334,9 KiB
You might have heard it before.

KOTOKO - Princess Bride
28 FPS
509,4 KiB
Higher FPS nao!

Cat5 - Sexy
16 FPS
345,6 KiB
no comment

Vengaboys - We Like To Party
17 FPS
262,6 KiB
The party van is coming... Art from LATENIGHTDRUNKDRIVING.swf.

Caramell - Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix)
28 FPS
488,6 KiB
It's caramelldansen.swf! Anondansen! I should have used the same background as in caramelldansen.swf, why didn't I think of it then? :/ Just because this Swedish song is epic I'll translate it here and now: "Dance with us, Clap your hands, Do as we do, Take a few steps to the left, Listen and learn, Don't miss the chance, Now we are here with Caramelldansen (O-o-oa-oa...)". Hey, "Don't miss the chance" actually would rythm with "the caramel dance"! But I kept Caramelldansen as it is since "caramel" is spelled "karamell" in Swedish, not caramell... Meaning they are singing about "the dance of Caramell" (the group's dance), not some candy dance. If you're going to be a smarty pants that is.

Cool Candys - Muckartwist
20 FPS
919,8 KiB
(Special: MUCK!) Swedish culture time again... Anon "muckar" which means he is done with the compulsory (well, at least it used to be. Nowadays it's easy to get out of doing it) military service. MUCK stands for "Militär Utryckning Civila Kläder" which is a "military discharge to civilian clothing". When that happens they play this song on repeat in the cafeteria/dining hall (it's a tradition).

Audion - Just Fucking (Roman Flügel's 23 Positions In A One-Night Stand Remix)
16 FPS
370 KiB
no comment

verix - Drop the Dodongo
30 FPS
635,8 KiB
(Special: Anon is Link.) If you haven't already, hear the full song in zeldacdi-remixb.swf. Most people know that Zelda had a few retard babies that Nintendo is hiding in their basement, but how many of you have seen their game play? Check if you can't find a speedrun of them, it might not look fun playing but the backdrops are at least pretty. Trying to understand how they could use such lolable animation sequences however will only bring one to the brink of madness. ("Zelda: The Wand Of Gamelon" from 1993 is the game that has recieved most thrashing.) The reason this anon party hard has so high FPS is that I forgot to change it before I closed Flash. Should be a bit slower, but it's pretty good actually. If you watch it in a browser the FPS will be slowed down anyway.

Yann Tiersen - Guilty
15 FPS
366,2 KiB
(This group (although incorrectly): 1st time.) Man, according to this wiki the artist of this track is Al Bowlly. :/ I must've been lazy in my research again since I got this from the soundtrack of Amélie (French movie). OH NOES!

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
26 FPS
318 KiB
Pretty popular APH, I like it better now than when I made it though (didn't think too much about the "chain keeps us together"-part back when I made it, hehe).

Sneaky Sound System - Tease Me
20 FPS
245,2 KiB
no comment

Tech N9ne - Psycho Bitch
27 FPS
298,9 KiB

The Horrorist - One Night In New York City
14 FPS
979,2 KiB

Caribou - Irene
18 FPS
605,5 KiB
Cutting this loop was a bit tricky, it required splitting of the stereo track and editing both mono tracks individually.

DMX vs. Tears For Fears - Who We Be or Shout (UNKLE Sounds Edit)
16 FPS
882 KiB
(This group (UNKLE): 1st time.) Yet another song greatly improved (the DMX one).

Tonite Only - Where The Party's At (Original Mix)
15 FPS
920,6 KiB
(Special: Two loops.) Some wise guy renamed this incorrectly to Anon_Party_Hard_3.swf so it's pretty widley spread under that number (actually it's been posted a lot more as #3 than it has as #90). Press space bar for another version of the song! I was inspired to loop this song when I first saw this.

Europe - The Final Countdown
25 FPS
950,2 KiB
I wasn't sure whether or not to stop making these at #100, so 91-99 might had been the final count down.

Feadz - Edwrecker
21 FPS
640,6 KiB
A friend sent this track to me long ago while I was trying on some new electronica music. It stuck, reminds me of some jungle video game, or at least of the feeling such a game would have given me because I get no images in my brain from it. I think this track wasn't all too easy to loop.

Necro - Light My Fire
14 FPS
202,1 KiB
From the very end of the song.

Big & Rich - Rollin' (The Ballad of Big & Rich)
18 FPS
679,7 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Got this one from someone me and a friend were talking to on Skype, some actual "cowboy" or something that was living on some ranch or something in the USA. His dialact was pure, he must've been above 40 or something too.

Lenlow - J-Lo vs K-Co vs S-Wo
18 FPS
193,4 KiB
This song is best before they start singing. :/ (Don't worry, no song is in the loop.)

Yann Tiersen - La valse d'Amélie
15 FPS
823,4 KiB
(This group (although incorrectly): 2nd time.) Amélie is a French film from 2001, and although I haven't seen it at writing moment I liked some of the music. Anon must party at least once to a accordion!

Eduardo(lalo)Rodriguez - Religious Man
15 FPS
380,9 KiB
Yeah I think there are some anons out there that are religious.

The Avalanches - Stay Another Season
15 FPS
289,4 KiB
(Special: Awww...) (This group: 1st time.) Made this as a tribute to PONCHO, a guy that's made some decent loops. He replied with "WHY YOU TAKE MAH SHIT", something I didn't expect from him. :/ He didn't make that dog afropuppy-thing I assume and I did my own version of the loop (can't he tell the difference?). Though he did complement me on the loop in subliminal_disney.swf so it's balanced.

The Doors vs. Leftfield - The End or Phat Planet (UNKLE Sounds Edit)
19 FPS
565,7 KiB
(This group (UNKLE): 2nd time.) The end = APH before the one hundredth.

Air - One Hell Of A Party (Feat. Jarvis Cocker)
24 FPS
994 KiB
(Special: He's gone!) Anon finally went home. No more parties for him! Well, it didn't turn out so but it might have so that's why I made this, it was a good #100 anyway. Had I stopped making APH with this one I would have quit on 16/8 -2007. This and #34 + #150 are the only anon party hards that doesn't have anon in it.

Pulp - Party Hard
17 FPS
844,7 KiB
Since anon stopped partying on #100 he had to remember why he's here on #101 - to party!

Hevia - Busindre Reel
25 FPS
982,9 KiB
A nice celtic tune. It has gotten a lot of "/r/ song".

Eek-A-Mouse - Ganja Smuggling
15 FPS
331,8 KiB
no comment

datA - J'aime pas l'art remix 2007
23 FPS
614,7 KiB
no comment

Basement Jaxx - Plug It In
19 FPS
360 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) goes WHERE???

Blue October - She's My Ride Home
18 FPS
963,9 KiB
Aw, arson together with your loved one. <3

Linkin Park - Bleed It Out
22 FPS
337,1 KiB
Instead of using that crawling song as everybody else does when it comes to this group I picked another one. The loop turned out especially well considering what's before the start of the loop is constantly fading in during the loop at the same time as what's after the loop is fading out. Feel free to take notes!

Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk
23 FPS
821,4 KiB
"The basement scene is hot and sweaty..." Ok, I admit it - I first heard this song when a friend played it on Guitar Hero 2 (pretty sure it was 2?). Not sure if these are the lyrics of the original song or not, there are a version where she sings "the basement scene is dark and dusty" also (and other lyrics too elsewere in the song). Wouldn't be surprised if the different lyrics has to do with censorship (damn the industry).

Stephan Bodzin vs. Marc Romoy - Phobos
20 FPS
356,9 KiB
This loop does well on high volume and extra bass.

E-Type - We Gotta Go
25 FPS
738,1 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Song by a infamous Swedish artist. Heard it first time in Bleach we gotta go.swf (shame on me), and just had to make my own loop. This APH has been one of the more popular ones.

Toshiro Masuda - Go Go Naruto!
24 FPS
657,2 KiB
Hai guise, ya'll know Naruto rite?

Unreal Tournament - Skyward Fire
19 FPS
344 KiB
One upon a time UT was fun to play. I found and enjoyed it best as UT2004. Then UT3 came and sucked dick with its "feign death", "cool hoverboards", "new controls" and shit "taunts" (I could make the list twenty times longer). I was very pissed at the time of release, fortunately I didn't buy it.

The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
15 FPS
597,2 KiB
No relatives of "Buckethead".

8bit bEtty - And I Know That You're Happy (ballad of the lonesome spaceboy)
18 FPS
381 KiB
Used this loop in what_we_see.swf also.

Banya - Beethoven Virus
20 FPS
948,6 KiB
This song is featured in some DDR game. Heard it first in another flash, cant remember which one.

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra - Daddy, Don't Ever Die On A Friday
19 FPS
497,5 KiB
A guy I know online asked me to make this loop for his cell phone. It's the theme for a Swedish radio program that I've never listened to.

Mark Vera - Wizardry
18 FPS
786,8 KiB
no comment

Blümchen - Ich Bin Wieder Hier
22 FPS
339,4 KiB
no comment

Eric Craft - Just A Gigolo
14 FPS
837,5 KiB
Anon is alone.

Beenie Man - Party Hard
15 FPS
961,7 KiB
I like this one. The loop is a lot longer than you might think.

The Crystal Method - It's Time
20 FPS
241,2 KiB
no comment

Eric Clapton - Classical Gas (Acoustic)
15 FPS
859,2 KiB
I admit it, I didn't make any research to find out if the artist for this one really is Eric Clapton. Turns out, it's not. Mason Williams should be the artist for this one. Here's a site dedicated to the song. From their FAQ: "There is a common misconception that Eric Clapton arranged and performed this song, but Clapton has actually never recorded Classical Gas." When I was learning to play this on guitarr myself I found the tabs for it under Eric Clapton. I just assumed that since a million people think Eric Clapton made this song it must really be him that made it. Apologies Mason.

Pain - Bitch
27 FPS
305,3 KiB
no comment

Nermal - Flip Top Box
13 FPS
471,7 KiB

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (UNKLE Sounds Edit)
22 FPS
275,3 KiB
(This group (UNKLE): 3rd time.)

Daft Punk - Human After All
17 FPS
781 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) A popular song.

Dj Joxx feat. A.L. - Sweet Home Alabama
20 FPS
823,9 KiB
I don't dislike this version of the song.

Beastie Boys - Girls
22 FPS
549 KiB
Thank God for not being born a woman.

Cryptonites - Hands Of God
22 FPS
807 KiB
no comment

Mae McKenna - Sayonara
14 FPS
392,2 KiB
no comment

Twisted Metal 2 World Tour - Hong Kong
20 FPS
803,5 KiB
Don't know the artist for this song, it was probably (?) made just for the game TM2WT. I loved that game for the Playstation (PSX), played it a lot. This is the original version of the song, never heard any other version. I think it could be remixed into something great, it's strange it never has been (to my knowledge). The song was hard to loop, the looping is far from perfect as it is.

Age of Empires Rise of Rome - Track 8
17 FPS
714,5 KiB
What you're hearing is MIDI in a MP3. Age of Empires had such great music, surely they deserved a loop. Not sure if they gave their music titles, couldn't find info about them anywhere.

Dimitri from Paris - Neko Mimi Mode
23 FPS
687,7 KiB
Picked this cute song up from nanamimimode.swf.

King Kong & D. Jungle Girls - BOOM BOOM DOLLAR (K.O.G G3 MIX)
30 FPS
213,2 KiB
Go go go go go go go go go go.

ABC - Be Near Me
15 FPS
991,7 KiB
Dunno, I just wanted some more 80's. :) The loop turned out ok.

Switch - A bit Patchy
20 FPS
470,3 KiB
Made this with apache2.swf in mind. This loop is inferior to that version though.

UNKLE Sounds - Intro
14 FPS
287,5 KiB
(This group: 4th time.)

Hjalle & Heavy - Elaka Clownen
19 FPS
969,4 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Swedish. He sings about when the Ronald McDonald clown stole his girlfriend.

Doctor Steel - Back and Forth
15 FPS
274,9 KiB
Dr Steel has made some nice songs, you can check out Fibonacci Sequence by him if you want.

Cirrus - Time's Running Out
27 FPS
953,4 KiB
This nice song was on Twisted Metal 4. Never played TM4 though.

Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)
19 FPS
891,2 KiB
This is one of the songs that proves that remixes can be better than the original. I made this loop very long ago, it was one of the first that I had to cut a bit different in order to get it to loop properly. It turned out great in the end.

Marc Griffin - Bulletball
16 FPS
278 KiB
(Special: Picture available!) That is indeed Marc Griffin's face, and they are singing about the game he invented and sacrified everything for. Bulletball. After I finished laughing I felt really sad for him.

Neon Kobra - Tiger Said Knock You Out
18 FPS
961,3 KiB
(Special: /r/ song plox!) The flash tiger.swf was posted fairly much for some time, and always got a lot of requests for the song name. But the requests were never answered, either nobody knew or the poster just liked to tease. Eventually I tracked down the song and made this loop so that everybody could know the source by looking at the bottom border.

Rihanna - Umbrella (Jody den Broeder Lush Club Remix)
20 FPS
988,3 KiB
(Special: Dicktease!) I'm sure everybody has seen the !Umbrella Dance!.swf.

Micha Moor - Upbeat (Original Mix)
17 FPS
355,5 KiB
no comment

Bonobo - Nothing Owed
15 FPS
290,3 KiB
(This group: 1st time.)

Gypsy Kings - Volare
18 FPS
590,1 KiB
If you haven't seen it before you have to see it.

Freemasons - Nothing But A Heartache
20 FPS
824,7 KiB
no comment

Does It Offend You, Yeah - Battle Royale
16 FPS
953,2 KiB
Does anon party hard offend you, yeah?

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
25 FPS
958,8 KiB
(Special: Gotta make you understand...) You've been rickroll'd! Trivia: The Rick footage has been cut on two places (counting the end cut) to make the uninterrupted dance. Took some mighty optimizing to include Rick and the song in fairly good quality without reaching above 1000 KiB. Every other frame has lower quality than the next and preceeding. The "aura" mask of Rick is updated only every other frame, except twice for the arms. The top of the "aura" is sometimes so straight because I was zoomed in flash and the brush tool hit the top. It's a great song huh? This and #34 + #100 are the only anon party hards that doesn't have anon in it.

I Monster - These Are Our Children
21 FPS
263,9 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) We've passed yet another milestone. The party never ends and posting it (that's "the game") begins again. (Btw you just lost it.)

E-Type - When Religion Comes To Town
22 FPS
455,7 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) What happens when religion comes to town?

Max Coveri - Running in the 90's
40 FPS
219 KiB
This APH has the fourth fastest frame rate. Like #25, this famous track can also be found in the Initial D anime series.

The Avalanches - A Different Feeling
15 FPS
326 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) They have done many good songs, it's fun to cut in them.

Ulrich Schnauss - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
32 FPS
973,5 KiB
(Special: Shadow's on a different plane.) Notice how anon's shadow (and the party hard text) is double as fast as anon is. To keep anon dancing in 16 FPS the flash required 32 FPS. The audio quality couldn't be better without making the flash too large.

Ikeda Haruna - I hope so...
18 FPS
923,7 KiB
Ellipsis! :O Only this flash and #268 and #312 have them in the song title.

Lords of Acid - Rover Take Over
22 FPS
605,8 KiB
Surprise buttsecks pending.

Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai
25 FPS
539,5 KiB
Although this came in second in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest it is clear that it was the real winner. How often have you heard the winning song ("Molitva" by Marija Šerifović) compared to this one?

Holger Czukay - Cool In The Pool
17 FPS
536,4 KiB
Thought this was cool in that kind of way that only crap can be so it needed to get out.

Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail
10 FPS
428,8 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Very relaxing song. Remember cutting this track, even that was relaxing.

Nick Borgen - We Are All The Winner
15 FPS
699,1 KiB
We are all the winners, we are all the best. To be together is what's most important... Swedish lyrics.

Patti Page - (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window
12 FPS
732,2 KiB
If you, like me, have played BioShock then you'll recognize this and maybe get some positive gaming memories?

Francesco Farfa - Universal Love
20 FPS
927,3 KiB
Flying through space... can you see it?

Melody Club - Scream
18 FPS
752,7 KiB
Anon's situation hasn't improved since #119.

Xploding Plastix - The Jim Pedersen Theme
20 FPS
906,4 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) It's so ridiculous it's fantastic! There's some Swedish thrown in there, though it doesn't mean much.

Alliansen - Vi Tar Över
15 FPS
849,2 KiB
Swedish song singing about the new government lead by Fredrik Reinfeldt ("destroying Sweden since 2006"). Next election is in 2010...

Sneaky Sound System - Thin Disguise
20 FPS
897,9 KiB
Feeling a little low? Spending too much time at the disco?

Terry Reid - Seed Of Memory
15 FPS
498,7 KiB
First heard this on the ending credits of The Devil's Rejects (2005) and almost lost myself in it.

Megaman 2 - Password Theme
16 FPS
223,2 KiB
A5 B2 B4 C1 C3 C5 D4 D5 E2

Mindless Self Indulgence - Tom Sawyer
25 FPS
805,2 KiB

Northborne - Brutal
19 FPS
580,4 KiB
no comment

The Prodigy - 3 Kilos
16 FPS
622,9 KiB
no comment

Lords of Acid - Pain and Pleasure Concerto
18 FPS
707,2 KiB
This is some kinky shit. Lower your volume kids!

Iron Maiden - Dance Of Death
15 FPS
431,8 KiB
no comment

Foo Fighters - The Pretender
27 FPS
296,8 KiB
One of my favorites.

Patrick May - GrantKelly
30 FPS
309 KiB
(Special: The one and only Monsquaz!) This is syncing pretty well if not played in a browser... a was a fool to use 30 FPS, but did anyway since the monsquaz-flash I'm linking to used that much. There are other versions of monsquaz that uses lower frame rate though. Anyway, bet most of you guys didn't realize this Patrick May made the tune? He has other music out that matches the quality of this one just fine.

Smashing Pumpkins - Bleeding The Orchid
15 FPS
223,5 KiB
no comment

Retro - Super Mario Bros. Doki'Mix
21 FPS
837,3 KiB
Converted this from "retro_-_super_mario_bros_doki_mix.nsf" (NES Sound Format).

Sweet - Peppermint Twist
18 FPS
355,7 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) I like how this one turned out, one of the better short loops.

Pandora - The Naked Sun
24 FPS
772,8 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) Yet another old classic for me.

Haddaway - Life (Everybody Needs Somebody To Love)
20 FPS
774,2 KiB
Pretty much the truth.

Strong Bad - Trogdor
18 FPS
945,3 KiB
(Special: Trogdor.) That guy that made Homestar Runner sure has it made. FLA-file available for download.

Soulja Boy Tellem - Crank That Souljaboy (Travis Barker Remix)
16 FPS
970,1 KiB
This song fucking sucks in my opinion without the drums and stuff Travis Barker put in there. This version is very listenable.

Metallica - Last Caress or Green Hell
24 FPS
995,7 KiB
One of the better songs they made that a lot of people probably haven't heard. Glad I could fit Metallica into this series.

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
13 FPS
390,8 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) Discovered this track while I was watching a episode of Kyle XY. Didn't expect Boards of Canada to be the ones that had made it.

Ozzy Osbourne - Walk On Water
16 FPS
921,2 KiB
Like this song. (Anon can dance on water you know.)

Within Temptation - Blooded
20 FPS
254,9 KiB
no comment

Vitalic - Poney (Part 1)
20 FPS
562,4 KiB
no comment

Andreas Kapsalis Trio - Redemption Song
14 FPS
356,6 KiB
This version of Bob Marley's folk song was recorded live (as you will notice). Needed a sound in the series that was more "home brewn", you know? Loops well.

Eileen Barton - If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake
16 FPS
634,2 KiB
We loev cake! :D Anyway the series needed more old music.

Rosemary Clooney - Come On a My House
17 FPS
445 KiB
This cat can swing!

The Chords - Sh-Boom
14 FPS
447,7 KiB
Life could be a dream... More old music.

Modest Mouse - Spitting Venom
18 FPS
762,6 KiB
This is the climax of the song after a long build-up.

nagz - revenge of the sheep
11 FPS
363,2 KiB
Suddenly, slow FPS.

(Fable) Lionhead Studios - Interlude
15 FPS
888,6 KiB
(Special: Fleshlight flashlight and blueness.) The best music to come from that game. Very soothing. The content of the flash I sort of came up as I went, although I knew I wanted a flashlight on anon.

u4ia - xmas pudding mix
20 FPS
827 KiB
This is what I did as a Christmas flash for 2007. Uh, well at least the snow is controlled by ActionScript through a nice cosine curve (also the shape of each flake is randomized). I wanted bitmusic, and as I felt tired at the time it was either this one or "Blurry - Psycho Bells". I'm certain I did the right pick. FLA-file available for download.

Cannibal Corpse - Necropedophile
22 FPS
787,6 KiB
This young man singing is expressing his love towards fucking a child corpse.

Five - Let's Dance (Radio Edit)
12 FPS
843,7 KiB
(Special: A headset and all sorts of funky things.) This flash is poking at EeveeParty.swf, a flash that's so furry even the extension has hair.

Right Said Fred - Wonderman (7 inch Version)
22 FPS
837 KiB
Followed a link on 7chan to some radio of theirs and all they were playing on repeat was this song, over and over. Felt fitting as the one before the big 200.

Daft Punk - Revolution 909
Big & Rich - Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)
Bonobo - Recurring
Macaroni Sound - The Game
Reverend & The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World
Northborne - BabyNeedsCoke
20 FPS
997,9 KiB
(Special: It's a game.) (This group (Daft Punk): 3rd time.) (This group (Big & Rich): 2nd time.) (This group (Bonobo): 2nd time.) There's so much to say about this flash that I need to make a separate page dedicated only to it if I'm going to say everything about it (try decompiling the flash and look yourself). Might come one of these days if I get the energy. Meanwhile look here for a glimpse.

Seven things though:
1) Got the idea for the game from Squares 2. Simple concept.
2) Keep your FPS at 20 in order to get high score. Download it and play offline on medium quality with small dimensions. How much score you get depend on many things, like how close you are to red squares for example.
3) Type LOL before you start playing. This will unlock sound, extra graphics and make the background white (and more).
4) If you get over 20000 points (it's possible if you play right) you've pretty much beaten the game (it'll earn you the "holy shit" audio if you have sound on). Press R for your personal game stats (not saved when you close the flash, I didn't bother with cookies since noone will make use of the Rounds screen anyway).
5) Press I to access "the console". You can type a lot of things there, try "about" for starters. Then "credits". Then whatever you have in mind (flash memes?). Press O for quick info on the last effect you picked up.
6) Rotate music by holding backspace for a little while.
7) Here are three hints to secrets that no-one has found (judging from all the times I saw this posted): "Konami Code", "Cow level" and "Right-Click". There are a lot more.

I worked on this one for 3.64 months (of course not every day/week. I also made normal party hards meanwhile). The project folder was 1.19 GiB. Released it on 31/12 -2007 (the very last day of the year).

FLA-file available for download. 20,6 MiB rared. "GAMEZ" is what I named the project folder, just the first word that came to mind when I started.

Foo Fighters - The Last Song
19 FPS
745,4 KiB
After #200 I intended to take a break from APH. Made this real quick so that some people would think it was the final anon party hard. First APH of 2008.

Imogen Heap - Clear the Area
22 FPS
948 KiB
(Special: Intro.) After a 10 day break from APH (wow) I released this one. It has gotten pretty positive feedback, even better comments recently than when it was new. Before any of you think I can draw, I extracted another version of anon from 4chan4evar.swf. I took the falling triangles ActionScript I had written for subliminal_disney.swf, improved it and put it to use in this flash. Btw you can press space to add more falling stars (and lag up your computer). FLA-file available for download.

Powerbasse - Get This Party Started (Extended Mix)
22 FPS
925,8 KiB
Since #201 and #202 was sort-of "jokers" (you'll have to figure out yourself what I mean) this is the first real APH since #200, and now it's time to get the party started. The first of four "proper party/beat songs" I intended to have in the series.

Sugababes - About You Now (Spencer and Hill Remix)
22 FPS
841,2 KiB
no comment

Sunblock ft Sandy - Baby Baby (Extended Mix)
22 FPS
991,2 KiB
no comment

Jennifer Lopez - Do it Well (Moto Blanco Club Mix)
22 FPS
948 KiB
no comment

Nine Inch Nails - Reptile
12 FPS
300,6 KiB
(Special: Anonarmy.) (This group: 1st time.) The idea for this came from monglermarch.swf.

Ludacris - Too Many Niggas
15 FPS
276,9 KiB
(Special: Joint.) The song and joint can be found in BlackBobNiggaPantsXmas.swf.

Maximum the Hormone - Louisiana Bob
20 FPS
908,9 KiB
(This group: 1st time.)

Tom Pulse vs. Sydney Youngblood - If only I could (Sunshine Electronic Radio Style)
22 FPS
932,3 KiB
(Special: Hallelujah!)

Familjen - Det Lilla Livet
18 FPS
910,5 KiB
What's this, more Swedish lyrics? How suspicious. Found this artist through a promotion The Pirate Bay made of him (I forget why).

Alan Braxe & Kris Menace - Lumberjack (Original Mix)
20 FPS
584,8 KiB
no comment

In Flames - Behind Space
15 FPS
971,3 KiB
This part differs pretty much from the rest of the song. You can hear where it loops since they change their tempo a little.

Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules - Mad World
12 FPS
902 KiB
(Special: Chains.) Transparent, disappearing anon... I think a lot of anons would like to be a better person. Although this is not the slowest FPS anon party hard this is the anon party hard with the slowest anon. FLA-file available for download.

The Brand New Heavies - Dream Come True
18 FPS
379,3 KiB
(Special: Wrong song source.) A Swedish humor programme (Nile City 105,6) used this as theme song and they claimed as a joke that Ulf Dageby (typical Swedish name) made the song, and that it's titled "Whipped Cream". I doubt anyone ever noticed the special gray border in this one since the song isn't very desirable.

The Secret Of Monkey Island - The Scumm Bar
14 FPS
477,7 KiB
Awesome music from an awesome game (the first Monkey Island).

Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Future
17 FPS
946,5 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.)

Massive Attack - Teardrop
10 FPS
969 KiB
Slow, famous, soothing song.

Mateo & Matos - Lost In Thought
15 FPS
834,1 KiB
no comment

Byz - Hoppa Hoppa (feat. Headline)
60 FPS
976,9 KiB
(Special: Anon dancing in shifting color gradient.) (This group: 2nd time.) Same Swedish group as the one in #20 (this is 220, see the connection?), they basically sing about being the king at the party, leeching cigarettes, getting the girl and that you should jump up (and dance). Comes tied with APH #20 as having the second fastest frame rate.

(Dead Silence) Charlie Clouser - Main Titles
14 FPS
865,9 KiB
Theme song of Dead Silence (2007). For a horror movie it was actually good, and it had an awesome theme which I managed to loop eventuellay.

Ghidorah - brain wound
18 FPS
968,8 KiB
Great track that was hard to loop.

Genesis - The Brazilian
12 FPS
745 KiB
You probably stumble upon this song at least once in your life (hey, you just did!).

Reanimator - When Summer Turns to Snow
13 FPS
217 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.)

Mike Oldfield - Platinum (Part One - Airborne)
16 FPS
846,2 KiB
no comment

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
19 FPS
762,9 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) Great oldie.

Basement Jaxx - Bingo Bango
23 FPS
926,9 KiB
(This group: 3rd time.) Classic track.

Area Code 615 - Devil Weed And Me
15 FPS
903,4 KiB
no comment

Maximum the Hormone - Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero
28 FPS
182,8 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) Awesome lyrics. :D I have no idea what they are singing about. :D Durr. :D Think this is the longest title of any song in this series.

Andrew W.K. - Party Party Party
23 FPS
517,4 KiB
(Special: Anon has gases.) (This group: 2nd time.) Less well-known party song by the same artist that brought you "Party Hard". Like 220 this APH also has a connection with another APH; 200 flashes earlier the same artist was featured. In this flash you can see anon farting a green cloud at the same time Andrew is saying "farty", if you have the correct frame rate which you probably won't have in a browser.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Badlife
18 FPS
588,2 KiB
(Special: Mutated passed out cross.) Made this shortly after when (plently of but not all) anon /i/nsurgents declared war upon the Scientology cult. The music loop pretty much sucks but it might grow on you if you listen to it for a long while.

Beaner - Victory
21 FPS
794,1 KiB
This song was featured in a old free game from 1997 named "BOMBERMAN (clone)" as LEVEL2.s3m (Screamtracker 3.20 mod format). The actual song was made 1995. The game was fucking awesome to play, maybe because it had great music like this one in it.

The Crystal Method - Brand New Kicks
18 FPS
564,1 KiB
no comment

The Boppers - Mr Bassman
20 FPS
776,4 KiB
Silly adults...

Ministry - End of Days (Pt. 2)
15 FPS
863,4 KiB
Very proud over this loop. Great song, too bad the audio quality couldn't be great without making the file size also great. Here's a challange: Try finding at what exact moment I have made the cut (it's not where the audio starts of course).

Dublin Fair - Jamboree
20 FPS
556,4 KiB
Swedish, irish inspired, band. This song was their biggest hit but they are long forgotten now. I felt they deserved to be resurrected so here they are.

Bombay Rockers - Amazin Girl
19 FPS
953,6 KiB
Guessing a little I think they are mixing Marathi (Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is in India, Maharashtra where they speak Marathi) with English. Though I havent checked what they are singing I think such a song as this one should be in the series.

The Raveonettes - Lust
17 FPS
682,2 KiB
Soft song.

Madness - Our House
18 FPS
732,5 KiB
Remember hearing this on the radio when I was a kid, it gives a kind of "blank flashback". 0_o

Trentemøller - Always something better (Vocal Version Feat. Richard Davis)
16 FPS
975,9 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) We fail. Two years of our lives have gone to waste.

Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
22 FPS
972,3 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) A favorite.

Shiki - Air
30 FPS
291,6 KiB
Heard this song in a flash I can't remember right now. It's very fast and seemed to be a popular target for requesters.

Witches - There She Is!
20 FPS
483,3 KiB
I'm sure you remember the cat and bunny?

Hjalle & Heavy - Intro Igen!
17 FPS
420,2 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.)

Penguin Cafe Orchestra - From The Colonies
21 FPS
236,9 KiB
What I specially like about this loop is that you barely notice how short it is.

The Paper Dolls - Get Down Boy (Additional Edits By Love On The Run)
14 FPS
768,2 KiB
no comment

Focus - Hocus Pocus
22 FPS
881,7 KiB
What was he smoking when he came up with this song?

Conga Squad - Cumshot
20 FPS
911,1 KiB
Is dat sum woman moans? I should have made her voice a little louder at the end of the moans (where she says something in non-English).

E-Type - Made In Sweden
24 FPS
955 KiB
(Special: Dancing in snow storm.) (This group: 3rd time.) Shocking news, I'm Swedish and this flash was "made in Sweden". The snow in the flash is depending on the wind speed which is controlled by ActionScript (randomly increases/decreases in strength). The stars is randomly positioned when the flash loads and flicker at random intervals. The flash also features northern lights that are scripted to change color and shape randomly, though it made the frame rate drop too much so I had to disable it by default (also it doesn't look super great). Set the flash quality to medium, make the window smaller, then press space. FLA-file available for download.

The Flashbulb - Eight Empty Beds
16 FPS
718,6 KiB
(Special: Mute.) This flash has a trick to it, you have to unmute it in order to hear the song. Press "M" for that. Pretty good song too.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Never Forget Me (feat. Akon)
15 FPS
512,3 KiB
(Special: These are the days...) Nevar forget anon.

Teddybears STHLM - Little Stereo feat. Daddy Boastin
18 FPS
825,4 KiB
Heard this on my friends stereo in the car while we were travelling back home after bathing. Had heard it before but wouldn't have thought of looping it otherwise.

Rainer Weichhold vs. Dandi & Ugo - Infinite Template (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
20 FPS
964,4 KiB
no comment

Fractured - Everytime
22 FPS
657,6 KiB
no comment

Gabro & Libe - I Can Be This
17 FPS
934,5 KiB
It's just like this is some sweet game song.

Hess Is More - Yes Boss
15 FPS
896,3 KiB
I like this track. Sexy shit. Had some trouble fitting everything in the flash without totally shitting the quality up, had to modify my original loop.

In Strict Confidence - A Single Touch
16 FPS
862,2 KiB
A fav.

Sweet Noise - Black Leather Boots
19 FPS
423,2 KiB
Black leather boots, kickin' peace right in the teeth.

(Matlock) Dick De Benedictis - The Matlock Theme song
15 FPS
481,5 KiB
(Special: Maaaaaatloooooock!) Got the idea from a matlock roll.

Mondo Generator - Day I Die
18 FPS
800,5 KiB
A lot of "normal" people will not be sad when anon goes. (But will he ever?)

Amon Amarth - Gods Of War Arise
20 FPS
965,7 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Awesome song by an awesome band. Got into contact with it through this fine movie.

Highland - Piano Piano
17 FPS
824,7 KiB
no comment

Emiliana Torrini - To Be Free
15 FPS
712,6 KiB
no comment

The Porkers - Asleep at the Wheel
23 FPS
754,4 KiB
Every thread will crash eventually.

Butthole Surfers Vs Unkle - Pepper
13 FPS
496,7 KiB
(This group (UNKLE): 5th time!) UNKLE makes some good tracks, they've appeard five times in the series (the most any artist has). It was hard looping this bass song but I finally did it, flash didn't compress it very well though so you can actually hear the cut. :(

Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House
17 FPS
602,3 KiB
(This group: 4th time.) If it wasn't for UNKLE, Basement Jaxx would together with Daft Punk be the artists that has appeard the most in this series. It is the one that has appeard the most with original (self-produced) songs though.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Rollercoaster
18 FPS
890 KiB
I like this cover of the classic song by The Ohio Players.

Bomb the Music Industry! - Ready... Set... No!!!
25 FPS
362 KiB
no comment

Moonbootica - Mopedgang
17 FPS
355,8 KiB
(This group: 1st time.)

Bal Sagoth - Battle Magic
15 FPS
889,8 KiB
Is good.

Johnny Bode - Runka mej med vita handskar på
14 FPS
880 KiB
(Special: Vita handskar!) Swedish song where they sing about a old x-soldier going to a brothel, celebrating the Majesty's birthday by getting a hand job while the whore is wearing white gloves. Just when he cums he can see himself standing in front of the regiment, then he unload.

Bonobo - Flutter
19 FPS
399,5 KiB
(This group: 3rd time.)

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Blue Buddha
17 FPS
952,1 KiB
Anon is behind closed doors!

Hirano Aya & Hasegawa Shizuka & Chihara Minori - Lolita Teikoku Bisho-jo Taitei
19 FPS
799,7 KiB
This always makes me think of eggs. \(O_o)/

YMCK - Come On! Swing All Stars
20 FPS
550,3 KiB
Is that sum Japanese singing mixed with 8-bit music?

Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts part three (Wandering)
14 FPS
681,6 KiB
Swedish organist most famous for his musical interpretation of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

Big & Rich - Holy Water
16 FPS
281,1 KiB
(This group: 3rd time.) Not that satisfied with how this loop turned out.

Antestor - Rites Of Death
18 FPS
248,9 KiB
no comment

JC Chasez - Lose Myself
15 FPS
981,3 KiB
Remember this extra well from my childhood, although I don't know from where. Maybe it was on the radio a lot or it was used as a theme in a TV show? At any rate it was fun to loop, very happy with how it turned out.

Blaqk Audio - Where Would You Like Them Left
18 FPS
622,1 KiB
Yeah anon might have nothing, but has he really nothing to hide?

Cook Da Books - Your Eyes
13 FPS
836,6 KiB
Get emo.

DJ Quicksilver - Ameno (Club Mix)
18 FPS
607,6 KiB
Remember this song? I do. Not this version though, the original (by Era).

God Is An Astronaut - Twilight
20 FPS
715,2 KiB
This one's pretty good.

Kiss - I Love It Loud
15 FPS
517 KiB
A friend said he liked this song, so I made a loop from it.

Da Shootaz - Grand Theft Auto aka Joyride
19 FPS
961,3 KiB
Craig Conner made this song for the GTA1 game, but his name was masked as the fake band "Da Shootaz" (doesn't really exist). The song is in GTA3 too, although as a censored version (they covered the first "fuck" with "lips" (name of the radio station) and removed the end-phrase "Don't fuck with me", I think (and hope) it was to simulate a real radio station). I think it's pretty obvious that the song first was named "Joyride" but later got credited (or famous) as "Grand Theft Auto".

The Lovecrave - Little Suicide
21 FPS
928,4 KiB
no comment

David Banner feat. Akon, Lil' Wayne & Snoop Dogg - 9mm
15 FPS
300,7 KiB
Probably my fav nigger rap loop.

Blockhead - NYC Bounce
18 FPS
989,9 KiB
(This group: 1st time) This song is pretty cool.

Acoustic Alchemy - Love at a Distance
18 FPS
840,1 KiB
no comment

Deep Puddle Dynamics - Deep Puddle Theme Song
15 FPS
525,9 KiB
I thought I had too little complete shit songs in the series so I added this song. Somewhere out there is a anon that will think this is good. \(0_o)/ Took a little while to find a good spot to loop the song.

Kanye West Feat. Daft Punk - Stronger (LP - Dirty)
19 FPS
746 KiB
(This group (Daft Punk): 4th time.) If it wasn't for UNKLE, Daft Punk would together with Basement Jaxx be the artists that has appeard the most in this series. This song wouldn't be anything special if it wasn't for the DP sample.

Patrick Hernandez - Born to be Alive
24 FPS
863,3 KiB
(Special: Hitler.) Hitler is from Anonymous D's famous how-to-sage flash: DidYouKnowVol2.swf. (The break dancing Hitler appears at the very end after the main song finishes.)

Moonbootica - Pimp Of The Year
13 FPS
406 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) Was too damn lazy to make anon into a pimp. If you close your eyes and imagine it he will be though.

Pendulum - Slam (Original)
20 FPS
995,5 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.)

The Black Lodge - Ocarina Boogie
20 FPS
983 KiB
That's a "OverClocked ReMix" if you're familiar with that brand.

Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Markus Schulz vs Elevation intro mix)
18 FPS
922,2 KiB
no comment

Silver Forest - Tsurupettan
20 FPS
831,2 KiB
(Special: Flat! Flat! Flat!) Did you know that anon is flat? Song and the two girls is of course from Tsurupettan.swf.

Svenska Akademien - Vakna (Dubmood Data Remix)
16 FPS
904,4 KiB
A big favorite. Swedish song about how we as a society has to wake up - how life shouldn't be about getting stuff and climbing above other people; everybody should have it just as good as everybody else. The loop starts in the middle of a verse, making the flow in the loop even better in my opinion.

Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody
18 FPS
680,1 KiB
(Special: Nobody.) Anon doesn't have a name. The music is the theme song from My Name is Nobody, a 1973 western film with Terence Hill as the lead role. I love that movie, will watch it many more times before I die.

Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L.
44 FPS
812 KiB
(Special: I fucking hate you.) This APH has the third fastest frame rate.

Blind Guardian - A Past And Future Secret
14 FPS
741,8 KiB
I almost cried over how bad I had to set the quality in this one. It's a very fitting song for the start of the last run of APH. Tried cutting it shorter but that wouldn't do, the length was just too perfect. Tried making the MP3 in external programs to lower the size yet increase quality, but stupid Flash can't use imported MP3 quality if the bit rate is low. Gah.

Jurassic 5 - What's Golden
10 FPS
953,9 KiB
He's singing about us! Listen to the lyrics! It's just perfect! Trivia: The music video for We Know Something You Don't Know by DJ Format featuring Jurassic 5 had professional dancers in furry costumes, footage in this flash was taken from their music video, same with the classic "dancing pedo bear" image.

Breaking Benjamin - Follow Me
19 FPS
954,4 KiB

Avantasia - The Seven Angels
17 FPS
856,3 KiB
no comment

Dame Shirley Bassey - I (Who Have Nothing)
15 FPS
930,4 KiB
Lonely anon again...

Markus Schulz feat. Departure - Cause You Know (Is This The End)
20 FPS
955,9 KiB
(Special: Rain.) Is this the end of everything? Like this track a lot. Felt like making anon dance in rain to it... Rather this than any version of "singing in the rain". ;) You can change how much it rains by pressing spacebar (check the upper left corner for an indicator). FLA-file available for download.

(Soundtrack) The Fountain - Stay With Me
15 FPS
879,1 KiB
(Special: Teal.) There should probably be another artist noted for this. Haven't watched the movie yet but liked this relaxing song.

Hollywood Undead - Turn Off The Lights
20 FPS
861,8 KiB
(This group: 1st time.) Lulzy.

In strict Confidence - Stern
18 FPS
419,1 KiB
Good instruments.

Kotipelto - Once Upon A Time
22 FPS
974,7 KiB
(Special: That fucking van.) Internet hate. The frame rate for the van animation is random.

I Monster - Who is She
13 FPS
950,3 KiB
(Special: ) (This group: 2nd time.) Old meme is old.

Kenneth Bager feat Julee Cruise - Fragment Two.... The First Picture
16 FPS
721,3 KiB
no comment

TV Theme - Donald Duck
15 FPS
731,2 KiB
(Special: The 313 car.) No idea who the original artist of this song is and I'm not up for tracking down the source either. "One guess that's who." =P Didn't replace "Donald Duck" in the song with "anon", it would have been awesome but the loop is bad enough as it is. I think most people understand anyway. You can click on the car or press space to listen to the new Donald Duck theme (that loop is by far the worst loop to ever be featured in this series).

Nordman - Laglöst Land
18 FPS
944,5 KiB
Swedish well-known artist for the song "Vandraren" (the wanderer) @ 1994. Didn't loop that song though since everybody in Sweden as heard it 1000000 times already.

Digitalism - Home Zone
15 FPS
935,9 KiB
Anon always hosts the biggest parties in town.

BeatFreakz - Superfreak (Fonzerelli Remix)
20 FPS
927,4 KiB
no comment

Kate Price - The Isle of Dreaming
14 FPS
915,4 KiB
no comment

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy
22 FPS
734 KiB
It had to be done. The volume of this loop turned out way too low though, I immediately regretted not making a new version the second I released it.

Piercing - Boogie Boogie
17 FPS
812,3 KiB
no comment

Les Rythmes Digitales - Brothers
20 FPS
976 KiB

Adam Tensta - My Cool (Prod. Addeboy vs. Cliff)
17 FPS
895,3 KiB
Awesome song, too bad the other songs by this artist is no where near as good as this one.

Victims of Science - The Device Has Been Modified
25 FPS
412,4 KiB
Weeeeee...... First heard this song in this flash.

Prefuse 73 - Choking You
16 FPS
887,4 KiB
At high volume this is even better. That beep will start drilling into your brain after a while, funny that they put it there.

Moonbootica - Mustang 86
20 FPS
851,1 KiB
(This group: 3rd time.)

Amon Amarth - Amon Amarth (Live)
15 FPS
924,6 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) The studio version of this song doesn't have the battle sounds in it.

UnterArt - Kill Your Heart
16 FPS
787,7 KiB

Benny Benassi vs Depeche Mode - Satisfaction
15 FPS
240 KiB
This song is so famous I just had to make a loop of it. But to be frank I'm sick of it.

Nisse Hellberg - Trettifyran
19 FPS
755,3 KiB
Old Swedish song covered, they sing about a building that's beeing demolished.

Xploding Plastix - The Snarling Amble (featuring Eek A Mouse)
12 FPS
686,7 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) The best part is when he sings the highest.

Ora Mate - Kamate
20 FPS
828,7 KiB
This track is fairly popular but I must admit I don't really see why some people think it's superb. It's just good.

Mtume - Green Light
14 FPS
643,9 KiB
What connection to anon could this song have?

Trentemøller - Nam Nam
21 FPS
373,2 KiB
(This group: 2nd time)

Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics
16 FPS
759,2 KiB
(This group: 2nd time)

Qntal - Cupido
18 FPS
911,7 KiB
no comment

Mushroomhead - Damage Done
15 FPS
438,7 KiB
I remember this song not being very easy to loop. It worked out pretty good though.

Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
17 FPS
413,6 KiB

Emiliana Torrini - Easy
16 FPS
851,5 KiB
no comment

Azar Habib - Meen ha Kenty/Habbaytek (aka Habbeetik)
18 FPS
846,3 KiB
(Special: Anon wears the hat!!) Tribute to what's probably the oldest Swedish Internet meme: hatten.swf (at least the oldest Swedish flash meme). It's one of those misheard lyrics things from 2000, the song is sung in Arabic but "misheard" as Swedish. Resulting is pretty funny/random lyrics about "a hat that's yours". The original site died in 2004 but was resurrected recently in 2008! I spent quite some time researching the actual song name for this flash and I think this is accurate. (Trivia: this is the only APH I put a "/" in the song source, otherwise I use to write "or" instead of a slash because "/" doesn't go in file names.) I'm glad I remembered to put this into the series since the song is very epic for Swedes. Here are the lyrics (of the whole song, not just the loop) translated to English. Btw, in the gray border there are some extra things from the hatten flash.

Klutae - We Are Sinners (Made In Denmark Mix)
20 FPS
926,5 KiB
A anon that believes in hell is in for a rough eternity.

Fix8:Sd8 - Monolith
22 FPS
284,5 KiB
(Special: Party Hard overflow.) It's one of those artists that uses a name that can't be put in a file name. I hate that. The marquees and their sizes are random each time you open the flash. You can press space to stop the text from growing/shrinking. If you do that you might notice a misstake I made, the texts doesn't repeat its movement perfectly. Because I'm always looking for a shortcut I made the text move though ActionScript, and then I made a little miscalculation. Doh. It isn't that easy to notice however unless you're looking for it, especially if you don't press space. This APH is one of my top favs, both the loop and the visuals appeal to me. FLA-file available for download.

Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs
14 FPS
338,1 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) The last ten part hards I ever made... I didn't always know when I would stop, but when I made this I knew I would go out on #350. This loop just felt right for the first of the last ten, it might make you think about stuff if you listen to it long enough (the longer you listen the better it will loop in your head too I've noticed).

Paula Abdul - Straight Up
15 FPS
803,9 KiB
Been meaning to use this loop for a while and couldn't let the series end without it making it in there.

(Once upon a Time in the West) Ennio Morricone - The man with the Harmonica
17 FPS
883,4 KiB
(Special: Bucket of water.) This is referring to a previous flash I made: Western_Rape.swf. In it you get water roll'd because instead of raping the woman like you think he's going to he aborts and tells her to get him some water. Not the very best gag but I've had some fun with it in the past. Anyhow I managed to make a decent loop from the theme song of that movie (which was fuckhard to do if I remember correctly) so one night I thought it would be good to make a APH with it, including the bucket of water for old anons that are paying attention. I don't think that many got the joke though... The idea about this APH was forgotten until not long before I was about to end the series, so I just traced over some random bucket and harmonica making this flash really quick. Might not look pretty but the idea is out of my head at least.

Afro Celt Sound System - North 2
25 FPS
861,2 KiB
Song-of-the-moment when I got to making #344. Reminds me of APH #102.

Promoe - These Walls Don't Lie
18 FPS
754,1 KiB
(Special: Graffiti.) Found this song through a post in a thread to APH #122 in between complaints over that "Classical Gas" was miscredited. Like this loop and I like how the "Party Hard"-text turned out.

Before The Dawn - Into You
16 FPS
889,7 KiB
Good song when you're feeling depressed or emo in general.

Hollywood Undead - Bottle And A Gun
16 FPS
936,6 KiB
(This group: 2nd time.) Anonymous ain't nothing too fuck with!

Fresh Prince - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
18 FPS
275,3 KiB
(Special: This is the story about...) Yes that is the cap William Smith wore during the opening of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hadn't I happened to lay my eyes on this title in my loops directory I would have forgotten to put this in the series. I intended to make it a lot sooner but I couldn't because just when I was about to do it my mom got scared and said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air." I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said "Fresh" and it had dice in the mirror. If anything I could say that this cab was rare but I thought "Nah, forget it, Yo homes, to Bel-Air!" I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I yelled to the cabby, "Yo homes, smell ya later!" I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel-Air.

Yngwie Malmsteen - Memories
120 FPS
762,7 KiB
The highest frame rate of all APH (120 fps is the max setting in Flash). Since this was "the last APH before the end" it felt fitting having the highest frame rate. Also notice how the song title is "Memories"...

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)
20 FPS
925,5 KiB
(Special: Finale.) So this is how it all ends, huh? Since flash isn't very good for syncing with audio events (without a workaround/trick I didn't feel like using in the APH series) only the start of the background images will sync with the music in browsers. If you watch it with the correct frame rate the images will fade in/out in sync with the music for a couple of loops. The images of anon are hand picked from these few dancing frames so that his face will always show, the order in which they appear are random though so some of you will get a better image on the refrain than others. FLA-file available for download. Posted APH #350 on 23/6 -08, exactly one year after I first posted APH #2. Well that's it, time to get on with our lives.

Take it away anon!