I made it easy for myself (and you) and just rared the threads.
For anyone that cares you can download the original threads from when the APH flashes were first posted on 4chan's /f/ here.
There are also some bonus threads available here and here from after the first time posted.
These threads were saved by hand and are from the olden days, from before swfchan saved threads. I rarely save threads any more.

I didn't save every thread I saw that featured one of my flashes, they were hand picked. Some I just let die because they weren't worth saving. I can't say I know today why I saved all of these threads, but they must have been special somehow before. And if I put them online here it wasn't time wasted because then maybe someone else will look at them? I dunno.

The flood event that took place on /f/ after APH #9 was posted can be downloaded here (instances of the board and a couple of related threads). There's also an instance of the board in there from 28/6 -2008 when someone declared it was "party day" on /f/ (during the time when ZONE got m00t to advertise his site if anyone remembers), not sure why I saved that one but might as well put it up. And here's a screencap of the board 26/2 -2009 when /f/ was flooded with real APH flashes.

Sometimes I've come across images (and once even a video) that some people has done to explain to others how to find song source in APH flashes, and I saved them: 1, 2, 3 and 4. Two are even animated. APH seems to have spread fairly well. Here's a screencap of anon_partyhard144.swf used on 7chan during its downtime in April 2009 as part of a couple of rotating flashes.

Extra: You can go here to get to a page where you can download gif versions of dancing anon. You can also download the original flash template for making APH flashes here, it's linked to from inside the wall of text on the first page so 99% of everybody that comes here will miss it. Come to think of it I might as well link to it from the gif page also...