Update 1sep2014: Changed the menu a bit.

Removed 'music loops' and 'other flashes' from the menu since those sections were outdated and have moved to swfchan. They can still be accessed by clicking here or here though.
Looks like that flash-making-period of my life that I was talking about might not come to a halt so soon after all.

Update 12sep2011: Added new flashes.

Only 22 new flashes in a little over two years, and only two new ones from 2011.
Looks like the flash-making-period of my life is coming to a halt.

Update 31aug2009: Added the rest of the other flashes.

Been writing comments for the other flashes now and then during this month, but I realized it will take forever to comment them all. So I'm putting many up without a comment just to get everything online. I might add the missing comments later sometime if I feel like it, but my guess is that the site will go back to sleep for a while now.

Update 5aug2009: Added the APH threads, new music loops (block 10) and started uploading other flashes.

Today I felt like updating the site. It was done on a whim, nothing planned. Chance would have it that it happens to be exactly one year since I last updated the site. Wow. Even more wow is that when I was writing the previous sentance the song "A Past And Future Secret" by Blind Guardian randomized to be played in my music player (it was used in "anon_partyhard301.swf" and I haven't listened to the song in over a year). Be that as it may, I have finally decided to increase the content of this domain.

Site came online 5aug2008. Update 9aug2008: Added the music loops (block 1-9).

Greets. I made this site for three purposes:

1) A one-stop-shop for all anon_partyhard#.swf
2) A place for you to download my music loops.
3) A place for you to download all my non-APH flashes.

Might as well get some other stuff out in the air while I'm at it.

I like to make music loops. To discover, listen to and finally cut up a track is a fun thing to do. It's relaxing, and sometimes challanging. A perfect thing to do when you've got a minute to spare. All this time I've been using Audacity for this purpose, and I'll continue to do so although I'm not sure if I'll bother to update this site very much. Here's a old rar archive with the version of Audacity I use (also includes a dll file for MP3 support).

These anon party hard flashes has been a great way of letting my loops out since it's so simple to produce them. Who is anon? Anon is everybody, and everybody listens to and accepts all music. That's why just about any song can be used to "party hard" to, because different people all over the planet find different music okay to dance to.

At different points in time I (like all people) find different types of music beautiful and so I cut in different types of music (explaining why some of the loops are so "shitty"). I've tried my best to make the music in my anon party hards as broad as possible for the series to be able to reach everybody in at least one of the files regardless of what he listens to when he's got a choice.

Making use of the dancing anon has saved me a lot of time coming up with ideas for flashes to go with my music, and it has allowed me to spread so many more loops than I otherwise could in only one year.

Why I made the flash look like it does? Not really sure, like most of the time I just had a basic idea and made up the details as I went along. I went with red & black + white in the flashing background since it was in the original, though I wanted a lot more colors to be there too. The bottom text and "PARTY HARD" text is in Arial Black since I like that font and have used it in many if not all my other flashes. The "no picture available" text was just left as it was from when I decompiled the flash using Sothink SWF Decompiler (before version 3.5.61122), that's why the font (Arial) and the position of the text isn't that good.

Sometimes I put in themes in the flashes, or make references to memes/other flash files. When I've done that I've tried my best to make every modified anon party hard as unique as possible, for example #200 that is a game, or #202 that has a small intro. Two anon party hard is missing anon, and that's #100 and #150.

Usually I made a lot of anon party hard files on the same day (sometimes even 20 of them), but I didn't post more than five at a time in order to not spam down the board too hard (in the beginning I might have posted a little bit more, and towards the end I settled with one or two on the same day). I never intended for the series to go over 20 loops really (that's why the FPS on anon_partyhard20.swf is so high), it just happened. Originally I just intended the series to go to #9 as a "NEVER RELAX AROUND BLACKS" meme joke.

My flash board of choice is 4chan's /f/. After I posted #9 for the first time bricks were apparently shat, Just as planned.swf was posted, and anon decided to flood the board with fake anon_partyhard#.swf featuring rave cats (it was in reality caturday.swf). The flooding continued for a full 21 minutes until it finally died down with a fake anon_partyhard46.swf. Great times.

It is perhaps some of you that had witnessed this in the beginning back in the days that eventually (or quickly) grew tired of the whole concept. Sometimes I'm worried that I played a small but real part in the reason of why many of you left /f/, if so I am sorry. Indeed /f/ is not the same today as it was back then. But I must remember that the board(s) all the time is refreshed with new people, and old ones are leaving on a daily basis as they grow older (and suddenly get a real life).

But I've gotten replies that sometimes thank me for introducing new groups to them that they find good; you're welcome! Should have said so sooner but I've been strict to never break character (meaning I never speak again in the anon party hard threads). I'm glad some have found the loops useful, I suggest you take a look on this site for more loops, maybe you'll find something more you like? Know that I've saved every original thread of this series (some bed-time reading when I get older maybe? :P).

In one year (Saturday 23jun2007 to Monday 23jun2008) I've made 349 anon party hards. It felt good to go out on number 350 and on the very same day I started on. (For the record, the reason why I used number two as the first anon party hard I made was because I posted it before I noticed a second version of the original had been made. Had I noticed I would have started on number three.) It's been a fun run but I can't linger on this. A lot of annoyed anons will be glad for the spamming to stop... I wonder if I had gotten as much sage if I had only posted under a different name though? Probably.

Hopefully anons everywhere will use my music loops in some of their flashes, that's why I put them online here. I always shake my head when I stumble on a flash that would have been perfect had it only featured some kind of music. I can only guess some of you make flash loops without music only because you didn't have the requirements to make a music loop? For a flash without sound at least I find completely pointless regardless of how funny/cool the rest of it is.

A word on ZONE... I'm Anonymous on the chans, always have been always will be. To be posting without any link to my own character, to have my text being taken as-is without any regard to who I am (only the relevance to the subject) - it's just awesome. Everybody is equal and only what a person is saying at that exact moment matters.

However all this time, "ZONE" has been my pseudonymity (except for two times at the very beginning when I've forgotten to change the name field out of old habit (thread #6 and #18)).

This behaviour started out as a joke since I didn't make the dancing anon. I just repeated what "the real ZONE" said in his original anon_partyhard.swf post just for --exactly that-- fun.

The music is "PoisonPro - Reason of my Life (1st mix)" in the original by the way, ZONE finally told anon the sauce in a thread not too long ago. No hard feelings against ZONE but he doesn't seem to give out proper credits to the artists anywhere in the flashes and making him tell you what song's playing could prove to be very hard, at least that's the impression I've gotten over the years. I mean "ZONE - Music To Fap To (Volume 1)" that he gave out long ago had almost all the artists' names erased, what's up with that?

Anyway, it started out as a joke. But as posts went by I noticed how both ZONE and many other were shouting at me, telling me to stop stealing his name as if I was trying to ride on his glory? Putting aside what the hell I would even gain from doing that, aren't we on a chan board? Moot (4chan admin in case you're just visiting) has made it very clear in the past that the only way to prove who you are is for you to use the tripcode system.

There are no golden accounts, and I'm very glad there isn't any way to lock a nick to you. Anyone can use any nick but the tripcode will attach YOUR DNA to that borrowed nick. It's the tripcode that is you, not the nick. And if a person don't learn your tripcode it means he doesn't care if you shout out that "this poster is not the true ZONE". Because it is the true ZONE, only a different one. Get it? Two people can be named Muhammed.

So posting under ZONE turned into a protest, to see how long it took for the fanboys (or if it was just ZONE himself all this time) to catch on what it meant to be on a chan board. Surprisingly there were still people that didn't get it even at the very end (or maybe shouting FAKE ZONE has turned into a meme?). At any rate it was pretty funny and might have been one of the few things that kept me doing these flashes. "At least I will get a sage." Ha! There was even the infamous tripfag.gif ZONE decided to place under his own domain to help people prove that I wasn't him. It's just too funny every time!

Anyways, for the big #200 I thought I'd do something special (on top of making anon_partyhard200.swf which took months, no fucking kidding) so I figured I'll post with a tripcode similar to that other ZONE that was around, hell I'd even posted with the same damn tripcode if chance would have it. So by using a nice little program called Tripcode Explorer 1.2.5 I managed to extract a few tripcodes that fit the purpose just great (it took a few weeks, don't remember exactly). The tripcodes can be found here in case you can think of a use for them (the ones tabbed in are the ones I have used).

My favorite is ZONE#94*je-1. because it produces ZONE !vroT8j/CVY (the slash makes it look closer to the original and of course CVY is the well-known abbreviation for "Cunt Vagina Yaoi"). ZONE#HMjBu9-( comes in a close second because it produces ZONE !vroT8jbAPE.

Well it's over now anyhow, at least it is for me. Soon I'll probably frown on my own actions during this year, or even regret doing this whole thing, but right now in this very moment I truly do know that Internet is serious business.

I indend to leave this page to start working on the rest of this site with one final (important) link, leading to the original .fla file that I have been using this whole time for all these anon party hards: nymall.fla

"Ny" means "new" and "mall" means "template"... So now that you have the flash template for anon party hard it could be interesting (or not) to know how I liked my flashes in this series:

I always kept the file size of the flash below 1000 KiB.
I always tried to keep the audio quality as high as possible without tipping over 999 KiB (I was very strict on this, it's very annoying that Flash can't export MP3 streams using 96 kbps).
I never had better audio quality than MP3, 128 kbps, Stereo regardless of how short the audio was.
I tried to have the audio in Stereo, but sometimes you just get better sound with Mono - especially if the bit rate is 56 or lower and the two audio channels are somewhat the same in the song.
I tried to export the flash for Flash Player 6, only going higher if the features used in the flash required so.
Most of the time I placed the music loop in the first frame at the top layer as a sound property of the frame (Sync: Start, loop).
I always put the artist and song name (in that order) in the "hidden gray border" below the bounding rectangle of the flash.
In case the artist name/song title needed two rows I moved the text box up exactly 12 pixels.
I always made a little research so that I got the correct song and artist name (sadly my "research" (searching the net) failed on one or two songs so the wrong source was given at the bottom. Very annoying, it could happen if for instance many sources pointed to a false name. Whatever, it's correct 99.4% of the time and I think only the artist names could be wrong).
The frame rate of the flash should try and match the tempo/beat of the music somehow, better too fast than too slow though. 18 FPS is a good start. Not many songs deserve 25-30 or more (same with lower than 15, especially lower than 12).
I never controlled the quality of the animation (Low/Medium/High) in order to get better frame rate, that's for the viewer to do manually if he has a crappy computer.

Of course this is just how I did it, feel free to do whatever the hell you want. A word of advice though: Sometimes Flash will actually export sound set with "Quality: Best" WORSE than sound set with "Quality: Fast", causing a vauge noise when the audio loops. If I were you I'd just export with "Quality: Fast", or make sure to listen carefully where the audio loops so that you don't get any "glitch" noises in your otherwise flawless loop. The nymall.fla linked to on this page has "Quality: Best" set as default (I changed it to "Fast" if it was needed).

All is now history.